A Stranger's Game

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A Stranger's Game

byColleen Coble

Genres: Fiction
A gripping new stand-alone novel from USA TODAY bestselling romantic suspense author Colleen Coble. A wealthy hotel heiress. Torie Bergstrom hasn't been back to Georgia since she was ten, but she's happy to arrange a job for her best friend at one of the family properties on Jekyll Island. A suspicious death. When Torie learns that her best friend has drowned, she knows this is more than a tragic accident: Lisbeth was terrified of water and wouldn't have gone swimming by choice. A fight for the truth. Torie goes to the hotel under an alias, trying to find answers. When she meets Joe Abbott and his daughter rescuing baby turtles, she finds a tentative ally. But the more they dig, the more ties they find to Torie's mother's death twenty years before. Someone will risk anything--even more murder--to hide the truth.


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