All of Me

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All of Me

byKevine Walcott

Kevine Walcott's 'All of Me' is a holistic, boundless collection of poetry that puts life under a microscope and compels readers to examine every facet of their existence. From relationships and mother earth to intimacy, what it means to belong to a country and everything else in between, Walcott weaves together a beautiful tapestry of humanity.As a property professional by trade, Kevine Walcott frequently comes in contact with the sheer breadth of humanity's cross-section. It's a series of collective experiences that have inspired her to turn to poetry, and capture her life, those she meets and the things that please and disgruntle her.In 'All of Me', Walcott's latest book, no subject's stone is left unturned in an attempt to capture the universe, its people and their emotions through a fascinating collection of verses.From the author of Institutionalised, a selection of nostalgic poems about nature, love, sex and patriotism."This is definitely a volume with something for everyone," explains the author. "No matter where you live, what your background is or what you're striving for in life, you'll find yourself within the pages. My goalwas to retain the unique hallmarks of poetry I've become known for, while allowing every reader to individualise the poems and extract true, vivid meaning."Continuing, "It's also a great volume for those who haven't yet spent much time exploring poetry, as the verses are so wide-ranging and can be adapted and defined according to anyone's unique personal situation. Pick up a copy - you'll be amazed at what you might find!"



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