Dancing with The Field

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Dancing with The Field

Bringing Joy, Passion and Play into Everyday Life

byKris Kelkar

Have you found that your life is stuck in a rut? Do you want to experience more joy, passion and play in your everyday life? You can, with the help of this book! For millions of people the world over, life can be an unending repetition of drudgery that shows no sign of ever ceasing. It can happen anywhere and to anyone, if you are caught in a cycle where you simply exist, react to life and never really 'feel' life's amazing vibrancy. In this book, Dancing with The Field: Bringing Joy, Passion and Play into Everyday Life, a new concept is explored around the conscious field that responds to us as we interact with it, with chapters that examine: - The relational field - Creating with this field - Seeing our bodies as doorways to the field - The field in relationships - And much more... Through practical spirituality and firm underpinnings in science and personal experience, Dancing with The Field introduces a framework for life to help people recognize when they are in a state of connection and play with this field and when they are not. If you are on a spiritual path and feel like you need some additional guidance to bring more joy into your life, then this is the book you simply must read now!



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