Follow Me Under

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Follow Me Under

byHelen Hardt

Genres: Fiction
She gave him control in the bedroom. But is she losing control of her identity? Dating Boston’s billionaire bachelor has opened up a new world for Skye Manning. Opportunities are suddenly everywhere, her new career is flourishing, and she experiences luxury she’s only seen in the pages of magazines. So why does she feel like she’s losing herself? Braden Black never meant to fall for Skye, and he still tries to resist a relationship he knows he’s not wired for. But not only has Skye awoken something inside him—he’s stirring something dark and forbidden inside his Cinderella. Something even he can’t control... The Follow Me series is best enjoyed in order. Reading Order: Book #1 Follow Me Darkly Book #2 Follow Me Under Book #3 Follow Me Always Book #4 Darkly


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