How To Make Money In Stocks

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How To Make Money In Stocks

A Winning System in Good Times or Bad, 3rd Edition

byWilliam J. O'Neil

The bestselling investment system--updated to help you uncover the best stocks in "today's "market! Since 1988, through every type of market, the bestselling "How to Make Money in Stocks "has shown over 1 million investors the secrets to building stock market wealth. Author William J. O'Neil's powerful CAN SLIM' investment modeling system--based on an exhaustive study of the greatest stock market winners dating back to 1953--is a straightforward, 7-step process for minimizing risk, maximizing return, and finding stocks that are poised to perform. In addition, this revised and updated third edition provides you with: Expanded coverage of Nasdaq and mutual fund investing Techniques for reading charts, trading on news, and more Strategies to avoid the 19 most common investor mistakes Praise for previous editions ... "The most useful stock market book in years." --Management Accounting "In O'Neil's opinion, a stock isn't unlike a car or a set of golf clubs--you have to pay for quality. A winning system." --Personal Investor "A superb book, spelling out his investment strategies in plain English and O'Neilisms." --San Francisco Business "His very good advice comprises a mixture of three parts common sense and one part technical knowledge." --The American Spectator



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