Superior Spider-Man

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Superior Spider-Man

byDan Slott

It's the story that turned Spider-Man's world upsidedown, as a dying Doctor Octopus hatches his master plan for vengeance against Spider-Man: he will become him! As Peter Parker suddenly awakens to find himself trapped in the failing body of his greatest foe, Otto Octavius rejoices in the power and youth of his new spidery form. Can Peter switch their minds back before his time runs out? Yes...and no! As Peter's story comes to a dramatic close, Otto vows to become better than his old foe in every possible way. Smarter, stronger...he will be the Superior Spider-Man! But even with his newfound sense of heroism and responsibility, can Otto survive his heroic baptism of fire against the new Sinister Six? A new era of web-slinging excitement starts NOW! COLLECTING: Amazing Spider -Man 698-700, Superior Spider -Man 1-5



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