The Castaways

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The Castaways

byLucy Clarke

"Erin and Lori are orphans - they've lost both of their parents, and for a long time, they've only had each other. Until they don't. On a spontaneous holiday to Fiji, Lori's plane crashes in the South Pacific and the aircraft is never recovered - leaving Erin broken and grieving, but also looking for answers. Five years later, the pilot of the missing plane is spotted. He's claiming to be the sole survivor of the crash, but Erin's gut tells her that something isn't right - could Lori have survived too? And so she begins a journey that will take her to a remote Fijian island and a scene of tragedy, secrets, and danger between strangers on an island. And if any passengers did survive, the question lingers: why wouldn't they want to be found?"--Publisher.


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