The Memory Killer

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The Memory Killer

byJ. A. Kerley

Detective Carson Ryder faces a cunning and inventive adversary in this terrifying thriller from the bestselling author of Her Last Scream.Young gay men are disappearing from bars, showing up days later sexually assaulted and semi-comatose, all recollections obliterated by hallucinations. Pathologist Vivian Morningstar determines the men have been dosed with toxins found in plants common throughout the US: black locust to make them weak, dieffenbachia to paralyze vocal chords, and jimson (locoweed) to create fierce visions. DNA leads Detective Carson Ryder to comic-bookstore owner Gary Ocampo, but upon arresting Ocampo, he finds the man hugely obese and bedridden. The only seeming explanation is that Ocampo's identical-twin brother, Donnie, is committing the abductions. The only problem is that Donnie died shortly after birth...



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